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get an electabuzz and a ditto and put them into the day care center then later the day care man will phone you to say that he has an egg for you get it and when it hatches you will have a elekid

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Q: How do you get elekid in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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Aren't you supposed to get another egg with magby smoochum or elekid on Pokemon soul silver?


Can you get a elekid in Pokemon ruby?

no but you can get it in crystal,gold,silver,heartgold and soulsilver

Where do you find elekid?

Elekid is the baby form of Electrabuzz. In Pokemon Gold and Silver, the only way to find one is to breed Electabuzz.

How do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon soul silver?

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

Where do you catch elekid in soul silver?

Well theres actually 2 ways to get Elekid on Soul Silver. The DS way and the Pokewalker way. The DS way is getting an Electbuzz boy and Electbuzz girl and breeding them. Or breed one of the two with a Ditto. Then you get a Poke egg then u hatch it and Elekid appears. The Poke Walker way is get 500 watts and load it on to Soul Silver then u can catch Elekid in the Suburan Area. It may take a while so be careful. I would recommend getting him down to 1 or 2 health then catching him.

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

How many Pokemon are in Pokemon soul silver?

According to there are 493 Pokemon in Soul Silver.

Where do you catch a electabuzz on SoulSilver?

The only way to get electabuzz in soul silver is to level up elekid to level 30.

Where is the Pokemon contest on Pokemon soul sivler?

You can't do Pokemon contests in Pokemon soul silver.

What is Pokemon SoulSilver version about?

Why Soul Silver is about the original Pokemon Silver game for game boy. Soul Silver has some more bonuses.

How do you get a silver apricorn in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no Silver Apricorn...

What type of Pokemon is Elekid?

Elekid is an Electric type pokemon.