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First what I did, was I traded a murchrow at the GTS in Jublife City. I had a Staravia in the day care center, so I put my murchrow in with it. (You will need the day care checker app on your poke'tech from the man that sits in the chair in the day care center) What should happen, is every 2-5 minutes you shall find eggs in the middle of the 2 poke'mon I put in the day care center on the day care checker app.

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Q: How do you get eggs in Pokemon Platinum?
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How can you get legendary Pokemon eggs in platinum?

Cynthia (Pokemon Champ) will give you the eggs every once in a while.

What is Pokemon platinum spin trade?

you trade eggs.

Can you hatch bad eggs in Pokemon platinum?

no. it is not possible, all eggs are the same except that they hold different pokemon.

What is the action replay code for Legendary Pokemon can have eggs on Pokemon Platinum?

There is no such code.

Where are Starters eggs in Pokemon platinum?

Breed a female starter

What is in the mystery gift on platinum?

inside is 3 Pokemon eggs

Do tropius make eggs on Pokemon platinum?

Put it in the daycare with a ditto

How do you get nidoking eggs in Pokemon Platinum?

From Barry if you are a girl and Dawn if you are a boy.

How do you get legendary Pokemon eggs in Pokemon soul silver?

it is impossible except for when you have cheats in Pokemon pearl,platinum,diamond

How do you get legendary eggs in Pokemon Platinum?

it is not possible as legendary Pokemon are not breedable

How many eggs are there in Pokemon platinum?

If you mean what Pokemon hatch from eggs, all of them, excluding legendaries. (Although Manaphy is an exception) Legend eggs can sometimes be hacked, though.

How do you make evee eggs on Pokemon platinum?

you need one eevee and one ditto, then breed them and you will get eevee eggs.