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You need A Red Love Berries + a Black Love Berries + And A Pink Or Yellow Hot Silly Pepper

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Q: How do you get ecto in moshimonsters?
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How do you get ecto on moshimonsters?

Easy :-) Here is the REAL REAL REAL combo for Ecto : Red Love Berry + Black Love Berry + pink/yellow Hot Silly Pepper. If you want to know more about moshlings find me on moshimonsters :-D My name in moshi monsters is Igloo2440. Improved by Icecreampizza!

How do you catch ecto on moshimonsters?

Ecto- any hot silly pepper, a red love berry, an a black love berry.Add me- yibyab12if you need to know how to catch anymore moshlings, message me because I have a collection book and I know how to catch them all:)

What does the word ecto mean?

Ecto = outside.

When was Ecto created?

Ecto was created in 1987.

What was the license number on the Ghostbusters car?

Ecto 1 in ghostbusters Ecto 1a in ghostbusters 2 Ecto 1b in ghostbusters the video game

Do you have to pay for moshimonsters?

No you do not have to pay for moshimonsters only to be a member

Would you much rather have a Pooky moshling or an Ecto moshling?


Why are ghosts made of ecto-plasm?

"ghosts" are made of ecto-plasm because they are though to come out at night and ecto-plasm glows in the dark

How do you get gabby on moshimonsters?

i dont no Well Kate1223 does: you do the new mission on moshimonsters

How can you get free rox on moshimonsters?

well get the moshimonsters magazine and you can get codes to get free rox.

What rarity is Ecto on Moshi Monsters?

Ecto is a Rare Moshling. All that means is that you have to get two plants with specific colors to attract Ecto. 060 Ecto the Fancy Banshee [Spookie] Red Love Berries, Black Love Berries, any Hot Silly Pepper

How do you get ecto on Moshi Monsters as a poster?

There is no ecto poster that you can get on moshi monsters but the code for the real ecto is, any hot silly pepper, red love berries and black love berries.