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You get it by beating Giovanni at the Viridian City gym, which you can't do until you have the other 7 badges.

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Q: How do you get earthbadge in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where to get earthbadge in Pokemon FireRed?

Viridian City gym!!

How do you get the earthbadge in pokemon FireRed?

Beat the eighth Gym, which is in Viridian City!

How do you get the earthbadge in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

After defeating Blaine at Cinnibar Gym, you must return to Viridian City. The gym will now be open, and after defeating the leader, you'll get the Earthbadge.

Where do you find the earthbadge on Pokemon FireRed?

You have to beat Giovanni in the Celadon City Gym.

What is the 8 badges in Pokemon FireRed?

it's team rockets boss you have to battle if you beat him you will get the earthbadge

Where is the earthbadge gym found in Pokemon FireRed?

in viridian city of course and the leader is Giovanni the boss of team rocket

How do you get the earthbadge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Defeat the gym leader in the viridian city gym which happens to be the Team Rocket boss.

How do you get all Pokemon to obey you in Pokemon Leaf Green?

Simply beat Giovanni in Viridian City and get the Earthbadge: it makes all Pokemon obey you.ORAll Pokemon obey you, the badges are for Pokemon traded from other games.

Where do you get the EarthBadge in Pokemon LeafGreen verzion?

After beating Giovanni at silph co and the game corner he will be at viridian city you need to go there with high level Pokemon to beat Giovanni one more time for the badge.

How do you get the eight badge on LeafGreen?

ummm well you go to viridian city and fight Giovanni.....he gives you the earthbadge and the TM earthquake you can then challenge your rival on the way to the Pokemon league

Where is Pokemon stadium at Pokemon Yellow?

in Pokemon yellow there is no Pokemon stadium

Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow