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There are 4 different colored hard hats on Club Penguin. The Miner's Helmet (orange) can currently be found in the Cave Mine. The Hard Hat (yellow) is often available in the Penguin Style catalog and in the Treasure Book. The Red Hard Hat (red, obviously) was available for a limited time in 2008 during the CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project). The Green Hard Hat (yes, it is green) was first available in April 2010 during the Earth Day celebration. It will return at some unknown point in the future and is also currently in the Treasure Book Series 11.

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Q: How do you get different color hard hats on club penguin?
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Why is it hard to get in club penguin?

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Where do you get a hard hat in Club Penguin?

at the stadium;]

Where do you get the hard hat from on Club Penguin?

In The Treasure Book!

What is the most common color on Club Penguin?

If you are not a paid member you can buy red and blue puffles (two per igloo), but if you are a paid member you can buy unlimited red, blue, purple, pink, black, green, white and yellow puffles. Each puffle is 800 coins each no matter what the color.

How do you get the red hard hat on club penguin?

I used to play club penguin. Trust me, it gets boring! If you want to know anything about clubpenguin, ask another penguin.

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The Hard Hat is the latest free item on club penguin. I know that people already have the hard hat but people can still get it. It is located in the stadium.

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it isn't

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