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To get defog, in black, u hafta catch a vullaby, and if it doesn't already kno it , just level it up a bit more , or take it to the move relearner in mistralton city, in white u hafta catch rufflet, thn just do the same as vullaby

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Q: How do you get defog in Pokemon Black and White?
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Where do you get the TM defog in Pokemon White?

there is no defog in pokemon black/white

Where do you get defog in Pokemon White?

2 things 1 there is no defog on Pokemon white 2 I have completed the game and never ever seen any fog!

Do you have to battle a trainer to get defog?

in Pokemon white, black, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver, diamond, and pearl you do not need to battle anybody

How do you use defog in Pokemon black?

defog is no longer a hm move but if you want to get rid of it go to the place with fog on your birthday

Which Pokemon can learn defog in Pokemon emerald?

defog is not in emerald,

Can you get defog in Pokemon emerald?

No. You can only get the HM for defog in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum.

What to do after getting defog in Pokemon platinum?

you use it in caves that have white fog and it gets rit of it

How do you get defog in soulsilver?

there is no defog in Pokemon soul silver

How do you use Defog in Pokemon Platinum It won't work What button am I supposed to press Will a message come up What?

click the menu button and choose Pokemon. choose the Pokemon that have learned defog, a list will come out (summary, switch, defog, cancel and etc,) choose defog. your Pokemon will then perform defog.

Where do you find defog on Pokemon White?

It's called Flash, and you get it by a guy in a backstreet in Castelia City.

How do you get defog in Pokemon emerald?

youdon't defog is a hm move that is in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum

Where do you get defog in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant get defog because you dont need defog in the game