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Complete the Cold Call event quest. Which is to hunt the Great Baggi , Gigginox and Barioth. When you have about 5/6 dark metal and 3 amber tusks. you can get the tenebra long sword.

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Q: How do you get dark metal on monster hunter 3?
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Is monster hunter 3 in English?

The commercial for monster hunter 3 is in English, so I assume that the game is also.

What weapon do you start with in monster hunter 3?

Hunter's Knife

When does the monster hunter for Wii come out?

Monster Hunter 3 comes out on April 20th. Preorder it now!

Will there be a monster hunter for the ps3?

No they cancelled the Monster Hunter 3 that would have been a Japan only release

How do you get tenebra in monster hunter tri?

There is a online event quest called; Cold Call in which you have to kill a Great Baggi, a Gigginox and a Barioth in 50 minutes. After completing this quest you then obtain 1-3 DARK METAL items. With 5 Dark Metals, 5 Insium and 3 Amber Tusks you can forge the Tenebra.

When will monster hunter 3 be out?

it already came out

Is the monster hunter 3 demo out?


How do you get a better lodge on monster hunter 3 for wii?

Have a good Hunter Rank.

Will monster hunter 3 have all of the original monster?

Monster Hunter 3 in Japan only had the Rathalos, Rathian, and Diablos as the main returning monsters. However, there will be some monster species that will have similaraties with some of the previous monsters.

Is monster hunter portable 3rd coming to the us?

It's a game.In America (United States) it's called Monster Hunter Freedom. There are 3 games available for the PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

When is the release date for Monster Hunter 3?

in 2009