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In order to get or use custom skins or any content, you must either create it or download it. You can use Bodyshop to create your own custom skins.

For tutorials on creating custom skins/content, you can check out: They have a vast collection of tutorials. They also have a bunch of great downloads that are 100% free.

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Q: How do you get custom skins om sims 2?
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How do you change to custom skin in the sims 2 if the family is already made?

You need default replacement skins from places like Mod the Sims.

Can the sim be muscular in sims 2 pets?

The only way a sims can change its muscularity in any sims 2 game is if you download skins from custom content sites like ,mod the sims or the sims resource. this is only possible in sims 3 hope i helped

How do you get cusom skins on sims 2 mansion and garden stuff?

Download and install custom skintones from any of hundreds of sites offering downloads.

How do you get custom hair on the sims 2 nightlife?

You can download custom hair from the Official Sims 2 Website and Mod the Sims.

If you download custom content on the sims 2 and uninstall the sims 2 does the custom content stay on the sims 2?

Happy Simming! <3 FSC

How do I create Sims 2 double deluxe custom skins?

When you first enter create a Sim mode press Shift + N then it will say it has gone into debugging mode then you can get custom skins by pressing then custom snowflake by the skin coulor.does not workPrevious answer is to use the Alien/PlantSim/etc skintones that came with the game. To make new ones, use BodyShop. It should be in the Start menu along with the icon you use to start your game.You can also download custom skins, however, Double Deluxe is a bit tricky. You may have to install them to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads or to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 Double Deluxe/Downloads. You just have to experiment to see which works for your game.

How do you get different skins on the Sims 2?

You choose the skin colour when you create your sims :)

What is The Sims 2 body shop?

The Sims 2 bodyshop is a place where you can make custom sims and clothes for them.

How do you get skins on sims?

On the sims 1 you can't get skins. But of you go to sims body shop you can just colour in a sims, but it takes a long time. If you are talking about sims 2, you can make your own on sims body shop using paint or you can probably download them.

How do you make a cat lady on the sims 2?

Assuming you know how to download custom content, get your sims a cat outfit, cat skins, eyes and everything else you want from or somewhere similar. If you are unsure how to, just find a tutorial on downloading. :)

How do you get mod the Sims 2?

You can't "get" mod the sims 2, it is a web sit with a lot of custom content and hacks for The Sims 2

How do you make custom sims on sims 2?

custom sims can be done by using Body shopgo to Start/All programs/your latest Sims 2 game/ Body shopit might take a little while to open but when it does you can create sims.