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Level up your Groudch

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Q: How do you get crystal onix on Pokemon FireRed?
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What Pokemon does Bruno have in Pokemon FireRed?

geodude and onix

Where do you find a crystal Onix in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no such thing as a Crystal Onix in the Pokemon games series. It was only in the Pokemon anime.

What Pokemon does brook have in FireRed?

Geodude and Onix.

Where is the cave for crystal onix silver verzion pokemon?

You can not obtain a Crystal Onix in the Pokemon games. It is only featured in the TV show Pokemon

How do you catch the crystal onix on Pokemon soulsilver?

There is no such thing as a Crystal Onix. It only exist in the anime.

How do you get a onix in Pokemon Emerald?

Unfortunately, you can't get an Onix in Pokemon Emerald. To have your own Onix, you need to trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen. Hope I helped :)

Where is Crystal Onix in Pokemon Platinum?


Where can you catch an onix on Pokemon Emerald?

Onix is uncatchable in emerald you must get one from firered or leafgreen.

Action replay code to get crystal onix for Pokemon diamond?

no that is unposable crystal onix is a myth will in all games except one Pokemon cyrestal

Where can you find an onix in Pokemon FireRed?

Onix can be found on seven island, six island and rock tunnel.

How do you evolve onix on Pokemon Crystal?

Trade onix while it is holding metal coat

Where do you catch Crystal Onix in Pokemon Silver for GBC?

Sorry, but you cannot catch Crystal Onix in Pokemon Silver. And don't try to go out on eBay or something to get Pokemon Gold because he's not in that game either. Crystal Onix was only in the anime episode: The Crystal Onix. Anyone who says you can get it like on youtube either hacked the games or made their own games, which is copyright.