How do you get corsola in Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well it depends on what Pokemon version you are playing like in soul silver and heart gold you need to use a good rod in new bark town or Cherrygrove city

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Q: How do you get corsola in Pokemon?
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What type of Pokemon is corsola?

Corsola is a Water and Rock type pokemon.

How does corsola envole in Pokemon shapphire?

Corsola doesn't evolve.

Does corsola evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

Corsola does not evolve. Sorry

What level does Corsola evolve in Pokemon ruby version?

Corsola is one of the few Pokemon that doesn't have an evolution.

What is number 180 on ruby Pokemon?


Where can you find corsola?

Corsola is a rock and water type of Pokemon. You can find it in various places, such as Route 128.

What is the national pokedex number for Corsola?

Corsola is #222 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water-Rock type Pokemon.

In Pokemon emerald's Hoenn pokedex what Pokemon is number 180?


In Pokemon diamond is the Pokemon from the battle tower added to youre nationaldex?

No I can prove it too I battled a corsola (unseen at the time) looked in my Pok'edex and no Corsola to be found

What level does corsola evolve in pokemon sapphire?

it does not evolve

How do you catch corsola in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can catch corsola by fishing with a super rod in cianwood city while having the sinnoh music on.

Where do you find Pokemon 93 in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

In puel sea. It is corsola.