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In the Route 211 Entrance of Mt. Cornet. It is found only 10% and it is found only in the morning and night, though. Morning: Min Level 12 Max Level 12. Night: Min Level 13 Max Level 13

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Q: How do you get cleffa on Pokemon platinum?
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What trainer has a cleffa in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer on Route 209 has Cleffa in Pokemon Platinum. Cleffa is a fairy type Pokemon and can evolve into Clefairy.

Where can you find a cleffa on Pokemon Platinum?

In Mt Coronet and Trophy Garden (daily pokemon)

What trainer has cleffa in Pokemon platinum?

the trainer when your close to the trophy garden

Where can you find a trainer with cleffa in Pokemon platinum?

Theres a trainer on route 209.

A can not catch cleffa because you can not find it so where do you find in Pokemon platinum?

in all the caves

Is there a trainer with cleffa in pokemon platinum?

In the mansion on Route 212, the housekeeping ladies have Cleifary, the evolution.

What level does a cleffa evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

It does not evolve at a certain level but Cleffa evolves into Clefairy when you level it up when it has high friendship. It then can evolve into Clefable when exposed to a moon stone. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

How do you get cleffa egg on HeartGold?

you dont you get a cleffa from diamond/pearl,and or platinum

What type of Pokemon is Cleffa?

Cleffa is a Normal type pokemon.

Where do you find cleffa in Pokemon platinum?

Cleffa can be found in Mt. Coronet in the morning at the North and South Entrances., Cleffa can be found in the trophy garden if Mr. Backlot says so.

Does a cleffa evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

I'm pretty sure Cleffa isn't in Pokemon crystal, but if it is, then yes.

When does a cleffa evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Cleffa evolves when it has max friendship with its trainer.