How do you get chips on sitekick?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You Can Find Chips All Through

Like on the shows page, then go the bottom and u will see a tank shaped thing, if it says no chips found, then go to a different page, then try a different page until it says chip found, and click the chip then it shud be in your dock.



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Q: How do you get chips on sitekick?
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How do you get all chips in sitekick?

There are chips impossible to get (cripples), but available chips are found in chipresources (blue device on page, The dump in your dock, and trades

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sorry to break it to you but only 1 person knows what it is cause it's a d.a.c.e so who ever made it puts the code in and trades it as much as he/she wants basicaly its a way for him or her to get lots of good chips but if u find it i wanna know lol