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get nfs 4 the ps3 graphics r better an u can get cheats 4 it

nvm wat he just said all you gotta do is find the cheat you want go into career go into code entry enter secret code and type it in. But if you got the update it gets harder in order to make cheats work you need to practicality wipe your harddrive of nfs prostreet :(

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Q: How do you get cheats for nfs prostreet Xbox 360 on Xbox 360?
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How do you get money in nfs shift?

same as in prostreet with the infiniti(go to how do we get unlimited money in nfs prostreet).

NFS Undercover Cheats?

yes there are cheats for need for speed undercover like money and car cheats but the cheats are only for ps3, xbox 360 and pc. there are no cheats for the ps2 and wii versions

How On sony psp do you enter cheats on need for speed prostreet?

Yo I look every where and did everything and everybody is telling me that there is not any cheat codes for nfs prostreet for psp… but there is for the other game systems

Can you mod nfs pro street on your Xbox 360?


What are the best cars in NFS prostreet?

people who play need for speed prostreet all love the | | | | | | | | | -------------------- | | | | | | | | | | ---------------------

What are promo codes in NFS prostreet?

for what gaming system

Are NFS shift is only PS3?

It is also on the Xbox 360 PC and PSP

What is the next game from EA after NFS Prostreet?

Next game is Undercover!

Does mutiplayer work on nfs rivals on xbox 360?

If it is available on the 360 then as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold membership you should be able to go on multiplayer no problem. Same goes for the xbox one

What is the best drifting car in nfs prostreet?

the best drifting car is the drift kings car.

How do you get a free car marker in nfs prostreet?

you win them after you win and or dominate a race day event

How do I stop NFS Pro Street from freezing on Xbox 360?

clean your disc with rubbing alchol. And check for scratches