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Pokewalker: Warm Beach Course and must have 7,500 Watts and the National Dex to unlock it.

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Q: How do you get carvanha on heartgold and soulsiver?
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Where to find carvanha in heartgold?

on the pokewalker

The cost of Pokemon SoulSilver?

Pokemon soulsiver and Heartgold are $34.99.

Do you meet carvanha in HeartGold?

Yes in the kanto regin

How do you get a Growlite in soulsiver?

You'll need to trade from Pokemon HeartGold, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Where is mt pyre on pokemon soulsilver?

you can't go to hoenn in Pokemon heartgold/soulsiver...

Which is better Pokemon HeartGold or soulsiver?

both cause they are the same thing they just have different pokemons

Get to honnen and Kanto regions in Pokemon HeartGold and soulsiver?

You can go to Kanto in HeartGold and SoulSilver, but Hoeen remains a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald exclusive continent.

How do you get a sharpedo on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can find Carvanha with the PokeWalker on the Warm Beach path. Just level it up from there.

Where is the red gyardos?

In diamond, pearl, and platinum it is in Lake Verity and in heartgold and soulsiver it is in the lake of rage north of mahogony town

How do you catcht the red gyrados on soulsiver?

All games except Silver Gold Crystal Heartgold and Soulsilver, you have to have pure luck. But with Heartgold Soulsilver, go to the Lake of Rage which is way above Mahogany Town.

Should you get Pokemon HeartGold?

I mean…do you want Pokemon HeartGold? The difference between HeartGold and SoulSilver is that you catch Lugia in SoulSilver and Ho-Oh in HeartGold. Other than that they’re the same thing. You need a DS, DS Lite, or 3DS to play it though. It’s not playable on any other console.

How do you get latias in soulsiver?

I'm pretty sure that Latios is the only one of those two who appear in SoulSilver, if you want Latias you gotta trade with someone who caught it on HeartGold.