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You need to do something.

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Q: How do you get black birdo in Mario super sluggers?
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What do you do to get black birdo in mario super sluggers?

There is no black birdo.

Where is Birdo in Mario Super Sluggers?

Birdo is in Yoshi Park. First get Yoshi and then go down the purple manhole. You will be able to rescue Birdo after beating Bowser Jr. in a minigame. Have fun!

How do you unlock Birdo in Super Mario Galaxy?

Birdo is not unlockable in Super Mario Galaxy.

When did Mario Super Sluggers happen?

Mario Super Sluggers happened in 2008.

Are there other Birdos in Mario Super Sluggers?

In Mario Super Sluggers Wii? No.

Which is better Mario Super Sluggers or Mario Superstar Baseball?

In Mario Super Sluggers there powers are more awesome than in Mario Superstar Baseball and they have more characters in Mario Super Sluggers so I think Mario Super Sluggers is way better.

Mario super sluggers?


Is sonic super sluggers real?

No, but there is a Mario Super Sluggers.

When was Mario Super Sluggers created?

Mario Super Sluggers was created on 2008-06-19.

How many gondolas are on the ferris wheel in Mario super sluggers?

six in super Mario sluggers

Who do you get in Yoshi park?

In Mario Superstar Baseball:Yoshi,Birdo,Baby Mario,Baby Luigi,and 5 colors of Shy Guy (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Purple). In Mario Super Sluggers:6 colors of Yoshi (Green,Red,Light Blue,Blue,Pink,and Yellow),Birdo,Wiggler,and 5 colors of Shy Guy (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green, and Black).

How do you get in Mario stadium at night on Mario super sluggers?

probaly unlock night time on Mario sluggers