How do you get banned in combat arms?

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2011-07-03 22:16:31

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Hack ect.

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2011-07-03 22:16:31
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Q: How do you get banned in combat arms?
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What are some Combat Arms hacks?

You will get banned if you get caught using hacks on Combat Arms.

Is it okay to get a hack for combat arms?

It is not allowed to hack in combat arms . If u are caught hacking u will be banned

Can you get Combat Arms cheats?

There are no combat arms Cheat codes. But there are combat arms hacks. You WILL get banned for hacking and will not be able to get your account back if you do. I reccomend not hacking or trying to cheat on this game.

Where can you get god mode for combat arms?

Mods and hacks are NOT ALLOWED for Combat arms however if you want to get banned then go to this link

What does it say when your banned from combat arms?

it says you're account has been termporarily/permenantley banned by an administrator

What are some hacks for combat arms?

GO here to get hacks but be warned you might be banned

What website do you get a combat arms injector from?

You can get it from various Combat Arms hacking websites. But I do not recommend hacking, if it's chams, alright, but I'm legit with a KDR of 1.30. Hackers just get banned anyway :)

Does using the aimbot on combat arms delete your profile?

if your account got deleted the your probably banned sorry

How do you hack on combat arms?

if you try you will get banned but u can pay but it will get you viruses like Thisgamesuxs. ethier net or com

Is Combat Arms in Vietnam?

Combat Arms: Vietnam is based in Vietnam There are other games in the Combat Arms series

Does combat arms work in Asia?

Combat Arms EU won't work for Asia players, try Combat Arms Korea.

How do you mission mode on combat arms?

There is no mission mode in combat arms

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