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You have to go to the shop (gift shop or sports shop.They both have different backgrounds).Look in the catalog and near the back u will see backgrounds you can buy for something like 20 coins each and i think anyone can buy them (even non members). also the gift shopo has a wider range of backgrounds to choose from. xx

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Q: How do you get backgrounds for your penguin on Club Penguin?
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Where do you find backgrounds on club penguin?

You find backgrounds in the Penguin Style catalog present in the gift shop.

Where are the team backgrounds on Club Penguin?

you need the game on the wii - club penguin game day

How many coins are the backgrounds in club penguin?

60 i think

How do you change your penguin on Club Penguin?

You click the blue button of an arrow on the side of your playercard and then dress your penguin, change his clothes, put pins or backgrounds.

Where do you buy backgrounds in Club Penguin?

Ski shop and gift shop

How do you get backgrounds on Club Penguin?

u buy them... DUHHH! isnt it obviouse??

Can you get older Club Penguin backgrounds?

No but you can get rare ones. Character backgrounds are rare. You can only get them by meeting the character.

Is there any new hidden items in club penguin?

There will always be new items on Club Penguin. They can take form as party items, pins, backgrounds, etc.

Can you buy stuff in Club Penguin without a membership?

You can buy colors and backgrounds.

How do you make club penguin backgrounds if you have two buttons instead of one?


How much does the backgrounds on club penguin cost?

They should cost 60 coins

How do you get stuff for non members on club penguin?

There is usually free items for non members at Club Penguin special events. Pins and backgrounds are always free as well.