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You can do one of the following: Ride the magnet train in Saffron City, Fly to the pokemon league and go to the left hallway this will lead you to Tohjo Falls which will lead you back to Johto.

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Q: How do you get back to johto from Kanto?
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How do you get back into Kanto from Johto when you just came back from Kanto?

I think their maybe a boat travel small pats think of ho you got their

How do you get west of the Kanto Region in SoulSilver?

To get west of the Kanto Region, you can fly to the Indigo Plateau, and then to a Johto city. That is the most common way of flying back to Johto. Otherwise, you can fly back to to the Indigo Plateau, and travel south through Victory Road from where you came from in Johto.

Is cerulean city in johto or kanto?

it is in kanto

In Pokemon heart gold can you go back to johto?

You go the Vermillion City and take the ship back the Johto. In Kanto, the ship leaves on Wednesday's and Sunday's. In Johto, it leaves on Monday's and Friday's.

Can you go to Jhoto or Kanto from hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

No but in Pokemon crystal you can go from johto to kanto to johto etc.!!!

Where do you get all the gyms on HeartGold?

Violet City (Johto) FlyingAzelea Town (is it a town?) (Johto) BugGoldenrod City (Johto) NormalEcruteak City (Johto) GhostCianwood City (Johto) FightingForgot the Name (Johto) SteelMahogany Town (Johto) IceBlackthorn City (Johto) DragonVermillion City (Kanto) ElectricSaffron City (Kanto) PoisonPewter City (Kanto) RockCerulean City (Kanto) WaterCeladon City (Kanto) GrassI've forgotten the rest, but I'll improve this as soon as I remember. Also note that the last few Gyms aren't quite in playing order.

Pewter city in Pokemon gold is in Kanto or johto?


What is the order of the Pokemon games?

red (kanto)blue (kanto) green (Japanese only) (kanto) yellow (kanto) gold (johto) silver (johto) crystal (johto) ruby (hoenn) sapphire hoenn) fire red (kanto) leaf green (kanto) emerald hoenn) diamond (sinnoh) pearl (sinnoh) platinum (sinnoh) heart gold (not out yet) (johto) soul silver (not out yet) (johto) note that i am not counting Pokemon pinball, ranger, rescue team, etc.

What region is gold in?

johto and kanto

Is kanto the home region in HeartGold?

No, it johto, but it also includes Kanto

Is Kanto johto hoenn Sinnoh and unova pokemon?

No, Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto are not pokemon, but are the reigons of ¨pokemon world.¨

Where is the train to get to from jotho to Kanto?

It's a boat and it's in Olivine City. You have to have beaten the Elite Four. It only leaves on Wednesdays and Sundays except the first time. So you can't get back to Johto unless you fly to Indigo Plateau and then fly to a city in Johto. You do the sme to get back to Kanto.