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You go to Hearthome City, and then go to the Amity Square in the northern part of the city with a cute Pokemon. If you don't have one, you can go back to Route 208 to catch a Psyduck, catch a Pachirisu, or go to the south-western part of the city and get a Happiny egg from the hiker, and walk around a lot to make the egg hatch. When you get into Amity Square, go north, into the ruins on the left, take two steps foward, turn to the left, and press a. You will have obtained the Amulet Coin.

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Q: How do you get an amulet coin in Pokemon pearl?
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On Pokemon Pearl were is the amulet coin?

an amulet coin is in amity square in the left ruin go in the middle in the furthest you can go then turn left but dont go left and click

What do you do with the amulet coin on Pokemon Pearl?

You give it to your Pokemon and if you battle a trainer, you get double the prize money, like a luck insence

How do you obtain 20000 game coins in Pokemon pearl?

put the amulet coin on any Pokemon and you may have more coins

Where is the amulet coin in pokemon red?

In Red the Amulet Coin item does not exist.

Where do you get the Amulet Coin in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can find an Amulet Coin in the Goldenrod Department Store basement.

Where do you get the amulet coin in Pokemon firered?

An oak aide in the big building west of celadon city has amulet coin.

Where do you get amulate coin in pokemon FireRed?

You can find the Amulet Coin on Route 16.

Can you get an amulet coin from Pokemon Yellow and if you can where do you get it?

No, only in the later versions of the game do you have the ability to make Pokemon hold items. (Amulet Coin is a item that only works if Pokemon hold it) P.S. Meowth!

How do you get tons of poke money in Pokemon pearl?

the easiest way that i no of is to just go underground and start digging

Where do you get the amulet coin in Pokemon Blue?

Amulet Coin is a Hold Item, and Blue version did not have the capabilities of attaching Items to pokemon. Gold, Silver and Crystal were the first games to come up with the Amulet Coin, and you can not transfer to blue via Pokemon Stadium 2 Color Case and Metal Case.

Where to get an amulet coin in Pokemon Crystal?

The amulet coin is in the Goldenrod Department Store Basement (you get to it through Team Rocket's hideout in the underground path).

Where is the amulet coin in Pokemon Gold?

The amulet coin is in the basement of the pokemart in goldenrod while you defeat the rockets that take over the radio station