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Well, there is a way but it may take a long time! What you do is you go into Mr. Backlot's office and save your game in front of him. Then, you talk to him. He'll ask you if you are envious. Say yes. Then he'll ask you again. Say yes again. Then he'll say a Pokemon that "a cute eyed Pokemon that joyously ran up to me." If the Pokemon he just said was not the one, turn off your DS and try again. I hope this works for you because I have caught five Eevee already in his garden! Good luck! :)

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Q: How do you get an Eevee from Backlot in Pokemon Pearl?
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Pokemon pearl where to get Eevee?

Backlot's trophy garden, south of hearthome

How do you get Vaporeon in Pokemon Pearl?

use the water stone on eevee. eevee found at the Pokemon mansion after obtaining nat dex talk to mr backlot

How can you get a Eevee in Pokemon pearl?

backlot's garden. south of hearthome. after obtaining the national dex. talk to backlot. to manipulate him, save in front of him before you press A, then talk and if he says something else, not eevee, turn off, then back on and talk again.

Pokemon Pearl where is mr backlot?

he is in the Pokemon mansion

Where to catch an Eevee in Pokemon Pearl?

I'm not sure if you can catch Eevee in Pokemon pearl but you get it as a gift from Bebe in Hearthrome City after you get the national dex.

Where is eeve on Pokemon pearl?

Once you have finished the sinnoh dex go to hearthome city and talk to Bebe she will give you an eevee, they are also in the backlot mansion once you answer yes to both mr backlots questions :)

In Pokemon pearl how do you get the Pokemon to appear in Mr Backlot's garden?

Different Pokemon are seen on different days.

Eevee in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to Hearthome City and go to the house next to the Pokemon Center after obtaining the National Dex. Inside the house is Bebe who is going to ask you to obtain the Eevee, say "yes" and she'll give you Eevee as long as there's at least one empty slot in your Party. You can also find Eevee in the Trophy Garden after getting the National Dex and talking to Mr. Backlot. He may tell you he found a Eevee in the garden.

How do you get Jigglypuff in Pokemon Diamond pearl?

at the Pokemon mansion after obtaining nat dex talk to mr backlot

Who gives you Eevee?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you can receive Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome city.

Who is mr backlot in Pokemon Pearl?

he is the owner of the Pokemon mansion and amity square in harthhome city hope this helped

What Pokemon evolve from a fire stone on Pokemon pearl?