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You have to unloock diferrent Cups and play Multiplayer to unlock character costumes

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Q: How do you get all the outfits in sonic rivals?
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Does metal Sonic have other forms in Sonic Rivals?

In the first but in the the second one he has alternate outfits

Is super Sonic in Sonic Rivals 3?

There is no Sonic Rivals Three.

When did Sonic Rivals happen?

Sonic Rivals happened in 2006.

Is there a sonic game on psp?

Yes, there are three: Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2, and Sonic Mega Collection.

What characters will be playable in Sonic Rivals 3?

There is no Sonic Rivals 3...yet.

When was Sonic Rivals created?

Sonic Rivals was created on 2006-11-24.

All cheat codes of sonic rivals?

Unfortunatly, there are none!

How do you get metal sonic storyline on sonic rivals platstation portable?

he doesnt have one You can only get him on Sonic Rivals 2

Can you play as Super Sonic in Sonic Rivals?


How do you play as chaos 0 on sonic rivals?

chaos is not even on sonic rivals so you cant

Are the secret forms in sonic rivals REALLY unlockable?

Yes there is sectet forms in sonic rivals

How can you beat all rivals for Mario and sonic at the London games?

it was easy. .:^^:.