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Did you get the frozen balloon in the snowy place? If not, ride up to it and push it down the ramp and push it into the water and it will go down the river into the ocean and you will find it on the shore.

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Q: How do you get all the balloons in Diddy Kong Racing DS?
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How do you unlock TT in Diddy Kong?

you have to beat all of his ghots in single race on every track and every vehicle.

How do you spell all of Mario characters?

Mario Luigi Bowser.Jr Koopa Troopa Toad Bowser Dry Bowser Princess Peach Daisy Dry Bones Yoshi Wario Waluigi Funky Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Toadette Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Daisy Baby Peach Birdo King Boo Rosalina

What is that game called that you shoot balloons that go down the line and you have to get all of the balloons?

i have no idea i was wondeing the same thing

What are all the Mario tennis characters?

1. Mario 2. Luigi 3. Bowser 4. Bowser Jr 5. Koopa Troopa 6. Yoshi 7. Peach 8. Daisy 9. Boo 10. Shy Guy 11. Wario 12. Waluigi 13. Donkey Kong 14. Diddy Kong 15. Fly Guy (Unlockable) 16. Paratroopa (Unlockable) 17. Petey Piranha (Unlockable) 18. Wiggler (Unlockable)

Where is the stone tablet in Mario Sluggers?

The first piece of the stone tablet is behind the exit sign by the entrance. Now there is no "?" or search button all you have to do is click "A". The second you have to beat 2 people. Once you have Donkey Kong goo to the left and you will see another vine that you can climb down. Immediately you will see the enemy. Do the mission and continue following the path. Break the barrel and another enemy will come out. Beat the mission and he will tell you where the second piece is. Climb back up the line and go to the flower that has now opened up. The third one you have to go back to where Dixie Kong was and climb that vine. Climb down the vine immediately to the right. You will see a cut scene and follow where Funky Kong goes. After you beat the enemy you get Funky Kong and the statue where he is trapped holds the next and last piece. Go to Diddy Kong and put them all together.

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How many balloons are there in diddy kong racing?

I think there is 39 that's all I've got

Action replay code for all racing tracks on diddy kong racing for the ds?

hey my is Madison Murphy i love Justin bieber. he is so hot

Is donkey kong the dad of diddy kong?

That's Dixie Kong. Tiny is Dixie's sister.

How do you get diddy kong in Mario Kart ds?

you can unlock Diddy Kong in Mario kart Wii by placing in the top three in all 50cc races

Diddy kong racing cheats?

there is no cheats so give up not true idiot get an action replay and u can get all the characters, courses, etc

How do you get diddy kong in Mario Kart wii?

Win all the 50cc cups.

How do you get drumstick on diddy kong racing?

To get drumstick you have to finish all of the races in dragon forest and then go to the main area with all the water falls and there are frogs, run over the one with the red fether on its head and hey presto you have drumstick

How do you unlock dixie kong in Super Smash Bros brawl?

first unlock all characters then clear all star with donkey and Diddy Kong then clear all star 500 times with Diddy Kong and clear classic mode 565 times with Donkey Kong then it should say challenger approaching If you Don't beat Dixie Kong just clear all star again with Donkey Kong again

How do you get to the last boss on Diddy Kong racing ds?

First you have to beat all the bosses and balloon challenges(Not including Future Fun Land)Then Wizpig's mouth will open and you will go to Future Fun Land.Beat all the course and you will get the last boss.

Who are all the Donkey Kong characters?

in brawl donkey kong , diddy kong and in ssbx a smash bros computer game [not yet realeased] Dixie kong and donkey dong jr.

How do you unlock TT in Diddy Kong?

you have to beat all of his ghots in single race on every track and every vehicle.

Where are the hidden balloons on Diddy Kong racing on the islands on adventure mode?

Use the plane to get them all one is near wizpig's head alittle left from it really high up, three are given by the geni if you beat him in the challenges, one is found behind a tree somewhere between the snow world and the water world, one is found near the first world, one is found around the water world area behind land.