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This is one of the hardest moments in Metal Gear Solid 3 because you must not be detected. After escaping the Groznyj Grad torture room, head to your right and go through the door. now head west, go under the pipes into the sewer keep following the tunnel until a cut scene starts. After Snake jumps off of the water fall you should start walking down the Sorrow's river. Keep walking down the river and avoid the sorrow's attacks until you get to the end. Use the revive pill and continue on. You should meet up with EVA and get your weapons and a new camo.

Now if this isn't what you were asking, you should have more detail to your questions.

If what you were really asking was "How do you get your weapons back when starting a new game in Metal Gear Solid 3? " The answer is you can't you can get back special items and weapons by loading your game completion save. You should start the game at the beginning. Unfortunately, you must find your other weapons over again

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2010-07-05 20:02:31
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Q: How do you get all of your weapons back in Metal Gear Solid 3?
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How do you get to the bottom of strut A in Metal Gear Solid 2?

Sorry to say but you can't get back down once you've gotten up the elevator in the first part, you can only get back down during the final bomb disposal.

Metal Gear Solid 3 snake eater wont work?

rub penut butter on the back then wash it off if that dosent work take tooth paste and rub on back and wash off if that does not work then take a ragg and pour alcahol on it then rub on back that's all ok.

How can you get weapons at the start of Metal Gear Solid 4?

I remember having trouble with the same thing. After completing the game watch the credits and go back to the main menu. Press X on the load option and select your Completed Game save. It will pop up a screen asking you what difficulty you want. It doesn't matter what you choose but you will start at the beginning of the game again. When you meet up with the Mk: II you will receive the Operator, Tranquillizer Gun, the, Solid Eye and finally the Mk: II along with you other weapons, items, face camo, and costumes. Good Luck

How do you get Null in metal gear ops plus?

you need METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS and PORTABLE OPS PLUS, firstly complete MGS Portable ops, and reload the last account anew, then go MGS + and load it on the MGS Portable ops file this will give everything you had on the 1st game save it a go back on to portable ops 1, null will be unlocked, he has a Machette save again then go back onto portables ops +, load it up and u will have null on this 2 190hp and 600stam, hes pretty good with 60 sns

How do you get the id card in Metal Gear Solid peace walker?

To obtain the ID card needed for access to the lab you must first battle the Pupa. After that Huey Emmerich will give his to you. But when you actually get to the lab the lock won't accept the Card. In the next mission you will need to go back and find a enemy soldier wearing a orange vest or jacket. A distinct bird call will be heard if he is in your area.

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Does pyscho mantis come back in Metal Gear Solid 4?


Which is ames in Metal Gear Solid 2?

Ames is in the back. He's by himself

On Metal Gear Solid portable ops how do you get everything back when you complete the game?

once u have completed save it and reload the ended version in will restart the game, choice your difficulty, and you get all you weapons and people captured :)

Where is all the weapons in Metal Gear Solid?

The locations of the weapons in Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation are as follows:SOCOM - Back of truck in Helipad or in Tank HangarFAMAS - In Armory after battle with Revolver OcelotPSG-1 - In Armory after battle with Revolver OcelotStinger - In Communications Tower BNikita - Back of truck in Helipad after meeting the DARPA ChiefMP5SD - Select Very Easy difficulty (only in Integral)Note: The Single Action Army, Desert Eagle, SPAS-12, and M61 Vulcan appear in the game, but cannot be used by the player.

What is the plot of the metal gear solid saga?

metal gear solid 1 is about the back round to snake the main playable character. 2 is about the parirtots and the creation of the next null or cyborg ninja. 3 is about big boss the most legendary solider.

Who had metal weapons?

Metal weapons date back thousands of years to the Bronze Age.

Why is mgs4 not out for 360?

The reason why MGS4 is not on 360 is either that Sony paid more or the Flop of Metal Gear Solid 2 and MGS2: Substance for the original XBOX back in 2004 or 2005.

How do you get to the bottom of strut A in Metal Gear Solid 2?

Sorry to say but you can't get back down once you've gotten up the elevator in the first part, you can only get back down during the final bomb disposal.

Metal Gear Solid 4 how do you get your stuff back after you have beaten the game?

Upon beating the game you get to save it, load this save and the game will start from the beginning. You get all of your stuff when you meet with the Mark II.

How do you get the sneaking cameo in Metal Gear Solid 3 snake eater?

Remember the building that you killed Raikov and took his clothes in? When you go back there, open the locker that you hid his body in. The sneaking suit is in there.

What is metal gear solid raising?

it's RISING, not raising. back to the question... Rising is the next MGS game in the series and in it you take the role of Raiden between MGS2 and 4 (MGS3 is a prequel).

What does metal do when it cools down?

it hardens.It goes back to solid state.

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