How do you get airlines on fsx?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can download planes onto your games from different websites

and how to download them ... i hope these links help!

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Q: How do you get airlines on fsx?
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What is the difference between fsx and fsx gold?

Fsx in just one game where as FSX Gold is Fsx deluxe with the addon pack Fsx acceleration

How can you get FSX on your PC?

You can get FSX on your PC by having the 2 CD's that install FSX.

Can you get traffic x for free fsx?

As far as I know you can't. There is another FSX traffic pack you may want to look into though. It is World of AI, it is free and it has many of the big airlines out in the world. The only bad thing is you have to download each package one by one

How can you get the twin towers into fsx?

you can get the twin towers into fsx by downloading it or setting the settings for fsx to realistic

How do you get stairs in fsx?

to get stairs in fsx you need to press shift+2+3

What is fsx aircraft?

"fsx" aircraft is usually a phrase used to describe an aircraft included in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (10) which is abbreviated as "FSX"

Where to get erickson air crane for fsx?

go to - they have one for FS2002 but its works with FSX

How do you eject from a plane on fsx?

i am pretty sure that you can't eject from a plane on FSX... or at least the version i have

Do you get planes when you complete missions in fsx?

No, FSX is a simulation game, you can't unlock planes in games like that.

As f16-fighting-falcon fsx serial number?

f16-fighting-falcon fsx serial number?

How many aircraft are on FSX?

Unlimited. Developers are still developing planes for FSX. you can find some at

Where can you get weapons for fsx?

You can't