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by buying 20 trees and 1 fish tank

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Q: How do you get a tree frog on pet shop story?
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How do you breed a bullfrog on pet shop story world games?

Bull dog and tree frog

How do you get a bull at pet shop story?

you don't actually get a bull on pet shop story, you can get a bullfrog by crossbreeding a frog & american bulldog

What animals do you crossbreed to get the bullfrog in pet shop story?

bulland frog

How do you catch small bugs for pacific tree frog?

just go to the pet shop.

What two animals make the bullfrog in tap pet shop?

English bulldog and tree frog

What is better to keep as a pet for a beginner a green tree frog or a red eyed green tree frog?

A Green Tree Frog

How do you get a frog?

buy one form your local pet shop

When is webkinz pet of the month going to be a red eyed tree frog?

You never know what the pet of the month is. If you have already adopted the red eyed tree frog, when it is the pet of the month it will not work because you need to adopt the pet of the month in the month that it is pet of the month.

Is plant life found in a local park safe for a pet tree frog?

ONLY if the tree frog came from the same place !

When will the webkinz Tree Frog be the pet of the month?

The answer in June 2010

When will the tree frog be the pet of the month in webkinz?

August 2008

Where to find a fire belly toad frog?

Your nearest pet shop...