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Buy a beer in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock, and speak to Dr. Harlow there. He tells you he wants another beer, so give him your beer. Continue the conversation and he will eventually give you the stake hammer.

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Q: How do you get a stake hammer in RuneScape?
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What do you need in vampire slayer in runescape?

items needed: stake (obtained in quest), a hammer, garlic, 2 coins or a beer

How do you kill Dracula on runescape?

you buy garlic, a hammer and a wooden stake. go to draynor manor go down the stairs and use the garlic on the coffing/dracula. hope this helps=p

On runescape how much is a torag hammer?

A torag hammer is 98.7k.

How do you get a hammer in RuneScape?

You can get one at the General Store.

How does a stake and hammer kill a vampire?

lets be honest a hammer could kill anyone if you hit someone over the head hard enough so thats how, same with the stake lols xx

How do you get a big hammer on RuneScape?

Do the quest "Recipe for Disaster"

How do you use the golden hammer on runescape?

You'll learn!

Where can you buy a war hammer on runescape?

Grand exchange.

Where to get a rune war hammer on runescape?

buy at general exchange.

To be a vampire slayer what skills should you have?

garlic and stake and hammer and apple pie in your inventory.

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