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To get a shiny teddiursa would be brilliant. It is very hard to find. The best way to get a shiny is through chaining. You need to beat the Elite 4 and get PokeRadar.

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Q: How do you get a shiny teddiursa in Pokemon platinum?
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Where to find teddiursa in Pokemon platinum?

You cant, you have to migrate it.

Where do you find teddiursa in Pokemon platinum?

In route 211, use pokerader.

Is there a Pokemon platinum short shiny code that makes every Pokemon shiny forever?

...shiny Pokemon are always shiny... ._.

Can you see teddiursa in Pokemon?

Not in platinum,pearl,or diamond.Only in soul silver or heart gold.

How To Get Shiny Pokemon On Platinum?


How do you get more Oran berries in Pokemon shiny gold?

To get more oran berries, you have to get a Pokemon that can learn thief or have pickup ability. Use thief when you see Teddiursa or catch Teddiursa to use pickup. Good luck:)

Were to get a shiny evee on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get a shiny eevee on Pokemon platinum unless you have some sort of cheets. NOT TRUE... get a shiny eevee if its the swarm of the day and then just chain them..

Is it true that it is easier to hatch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes. Apparently it is easier to hatch shiny Pokemon from an egg in Platinum if it's parents are from another country.

How do you lower the odds of catching a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

the chance of getting a shiny Pokemon is 1/8496.

How do you deactivate te shiny Pokemon code in Pokemon platinum?

On Action Replay press disable Shiny Pokemon.

What color is a shiny teddiursa?

Teddiursa's brown-orange fur is replaced by a light shade of green in its Shiny version. All the other colors remain untouched. You can check the related link below for an image of a Shiny Teddiursa.

Is there Pokemon platinum shiny modifier code?

Shiny encounter action replay code for platinum: 12075E52 000046C0.