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There is no Blissy Pokemo on Emerald.
Therefore there is no Shiny Stone.

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Q: How do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon Emerald?
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Does someone in the emerald game give you a shiny stone?

you can't get a shiny stone in emerald. It available only in the 4th generation like pokemon D/P/PL. Very sorry for you.

How to get a shiny stone?

you can get a shiny stone by going on the last floor of iron island and going up the stairs and getting the pokeball, the pokeball is the shiny stone.

How do you find shiny stone in emerald?

The shiny stone is not obtainable in emerald. It was only made in gen 4 (I V)

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in emerald?

Get out you stupids! I'm better! You can't get a shiny Pokemon in emerald! Except for me! Hahahahahahaha!!

When does roselia evolve in pokemon saphire?

You have to use a shiny stone on Roselia to evolve it. Unfortunately, you can't get shiny stones in sapphire, ruby, or emerald. You have to trade a Pokemon from diamond, platinum, or pearl into your game that is holding a shiny stone in order to get it. I know it sucks, but that's the only way I can think of to get it.

Where to get a Shiny stone in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no shiny stone in Pokemon ruby it's only in sinnoh

How do you get dawn stone in Pokemon emerald?

There is no dawn stone in emerald!!!!

Where do you get a shiny stone?

You can find a Shiny Stone in Route 228 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In Pokemon Platinum, you can also find a Shiny Stone on Iron Island.

Pokemon emerald shiny code?

sorry but there are no shiny Pokemon codes they do not exist right now

How do you get a shiny stone on Pokemon emerald?

I recommend just mining to get it that's what i did it doesnt take long to find 1. hope this helped ! :)

Where do you get shiny stone in Pokemon deluge?

how do you get shiny mwetwo in Pokemon deluge

Who evolves with a shiny stone?

2 different Pokemon evolve through shiny stone evee (spelled it wrong) and any other shiny Pokemon put2 and2 togather here people! shiny Pokemon evolve from shiny stone every Pokemon exept ledgends