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You get a shiny diglett by going into the cave where he is and getting lucky; your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon are 8/65539 or 1/8192 simplified. You could also try hatching a shiny diglett by breeding two digletts or breed a ditto with a diglett but still the odds are high you are going to have to get a lot of luck. You might also have to make tons of encounters with it; 10,000 or sometimes 30,000, but it all depends on luck. Goodluck on finding him and also even if you encounter it a lot like 8192 your odds never increase.

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Q: How do you get a shiny diglett in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where do you get dugdrio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Diglett cave

Where do you find diglett in Pokemon sapphire?

Diglett is not in sapphire trade with firered or leafgreen to get one.

When does diglett evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Lv 26

How do you get a diglet in Pokemon Sapphire?

Trade a diglett from firered or leafgreen to sapphire.

Where can you catch diglett in emerald?

You'll have to trade from Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen.

How can you get Shiny Eevee on LeafGreen?

you can get a shiny Eevee on Pokemon leafgreen but its rare. its about a 1/5000 to get it

If you transfer a shiny Pokemon from LeafGreen will it still be shiny?


What level does diglet evolve in pokemon leafgreen?

Diglett evolves into Dugtrio at Level 26.

In pokemon leaf green what level should Diglett be to learn dig?

In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, Diglett can learn Dig at level 17, which is a nice and early level for a good move.

What is the Action Replay code for shiny Pokemon and M code on Pokemon LeafGreen?

the shiny Pokemon code for AR 1b3jt59xr438

How do you get a shiny mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Cheatcodes or luck.

Can you get shiny swicune on Pokemon LeafGreen?

no u cant