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Your first dragon has to be at least level 30 before you can claim another egg

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Q: How do you get a second egg in dragon adopters?
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How do you make your dragon on dragon adopters gold?

get gold aura

What are some good dragon adoption sites?

There's about two i know, Dragon Adopters and Dragon Cave. Links: For Dragon Cave For Dragon Adopters Hope i helped! ~ JokerWolf ~

When does a dragon hatch in dragon adopters?

level five takes about 2 days

What are all the types of dragons on the dragon adopters site?

eastern, western, ptero, wyvern, dino, fur, and lizardus.(BTW i am Qazz on Dragon Adopters! visit my dragons PLZ! )

What is a cheat for dragon adopters?

there's no cheat for da :p

Which Dragon Fable dragon egg hatches into the light dragon?

the dragon egg

How do you get dragon coins on dragon adopters?

First, you need to have 100000 units of any resource, then click on "Dragon Coins" up on resources panel, select resource you want to use and click on button next to it.

When was Dragon's Egg created?

Dragon's Egg was created in 1980.

Is there another game just like dragon adopters? is like dragonadopters but better my username on there is fab lampard Try dragcave. Its addicting and more realistic than dragon adopters. You have a scroll, and collect eggs that need clicks/views to survive. If you take care of them, the eggs hatch, and if you take care of the hatchies they will grow up.

How do you turn an egg in to a dragon egg?

You cant turn any egg into a dragon egg. You need to receive the egg from a grateful mother dragon. Dont ask for the egg or your be crisped. Do her a favor. If you have any more dragon question post them on my page :) -Jaga5

How do you get the smooth egg in Dragon Fable?

If this is going to be you're dragon egg, it doesnt matter what egg you have.

How many pages does Dragon's Egg have?

Dragon's Egg has 345 pages.