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Normally you can catch it in pearl after beating the elite 4 but in diamond the only way is to trade with someone who has a sealeo on their pearl, or migrate it from emerald.

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Q: How do you get a sealeo on Pokemon Diamond?
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Pokemon diamond how to get a sealeo?

Sealeo and it's evolutionary chain are exclusive to Pokemon Pearl. This means the only way to get Sealeo on Pokemon Diamond is to trade with a game of Pokemon Pearl.

Where can you find Sealeo in Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond?

you can't catch sealeo but you can catch spheal in rt. 30

What type of Pokemon is Sealeo?

Sealeo is an Ice and Water type pokemon.

What level does the Pokemon spheal evolve at on Pokemon diamond version?

At lvl 32 spheal evolves into sealeo. hope it helped :D

What is Pokemon 365 in Pokemon Diamond?

in the pokedex, the Pokemon who has the number 365 is Wallrien. to obtain, you must transfer a spheal from pokemom pearl, then evolve it into a sealeo at 32 and then wallrien at 44

What level does sealeo evolve on Pokemon pearl?

Sealeo evolves into Walrein at level 44 in Pokemon Pearl. Walrein can't be caught in the wild on Pokemon Pearl and must be evolved from a Sealeo.

How do you get Sealeo in Pokemon pearl?

Sealeo evolves from Spheal at level 32. Sealeo and Spheal can both be found on Routes 226 and 230.

How do you evolve sealeo in Pokemon conquest?

Sealeo will evolve at level 50 to Walrein.

What is the national pokedex number for Sealeo?

Sealeo is #364 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ice-Water type Pokemon.

What level does sealeo evolve into walrein?

sealeo evolves into a walrein in level 44.. good luck in your Pokemon adventure

How does sealeo evolve in Pokemon pearl?

lvl 44

How do you evolve sealeo in Pokemon White?

By leveling it up.