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You first have to go to lavender town and beat the ghost tower(srry dont know exactly what it is called) and after that go to one of the houses in that town. Talk to the old man you saved in the ghost tower and he will give it to you. :)

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Q: How do you get a poke flute on red version?
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How do you wake up Snorlax in red version?

with the poke flute

Where do you find the Poke Flute in Pokemon Red?

You can find the Poke Flute in the Pokemon Tower. After you free Mr. Fuji, he will give you the Poke Flute.

How do you get poke flute?

In poke platinum you get a black poke flute from Looker the agent

Where is the poke flute in gold version?

Its not an item its a radio show but to get it you have to of fixed the power plant and have been to lavender towns raidio tower and talk to everybody and then one of them will give you a device then you can litsen to poke flute

How do you get the poke flute in gold version?

That item is not in gold version because instead a channel on your radio in your pokegear can play the pokeflute song.

Where is the poke flute on heartgold?

The Poke Flute is a radio station you can get after you receive the EXPN Card from the Kanto Radio Station in Lavender Town.To access the Poke Flute station, go to your radio and move the receiver icon to the top middle get the red flute go to the lake of rage and to the west

Were is the poke flute in Pokemon Blue version?

Mr. Fuji gives it to you after you beat Team Rocket in Pokemon Tower.

Where can i find Poke flute in blue version?

rescue mr.fugi from team rocket in Pokemon tower and there u have the pokeflute

Where do you get the poke flute in Pokemon Red?

Save Mr. Fujii in the ghost tower in Lavender Town.

Where do you get poke flute on Pokemon Silver?

There is no Poke Flute item in Pokemon Silver. Instead, the player can have their radio upgraded in Lavender Town. It will then play a station that can play the Poke Flute tune.

Where is a poke flute on Pokemon LeafGreen?

save mr.fuji from Pokemon tower top floor and get the poke flute

What channel is the poke flute?

Put channel to the top and it will play the poke flute and wake up snorlax