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it is simple train it

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Q: How do you get a pet home on secret builders?
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How do you get a free pet home on secret builders?

You cannot get one for free you must buy one at the pet store.

How do you walk your pet in secret builders?

All you have to do is click on your pet and clock on the collor or leashFrom lollypop60

Where do you get a wee on secret builders?

In the market place go into the pet store

How do you get a pet permit on secret builders with out buying it?

Use cheat codes

How do you get a pet if you deleted the nest in secret builders?

You go to any of the pet shops in treasure island or the market place

How do you get monster boogers on secret builders?

trade people or get it as a gift your pet might find it

How long does it take for your pet to hatch on secret builders?

Only about 4 hours, as long as your on it :)

What do you do next when your egg hatches on secret builders?

After your egg hatches you name your pet and then you can take care of it.

How do you rescue a pet on secret secret builders?

You have to pay 300 silver coins to get your pet back. You go click on the shopping trolley , then you click on pets , then pet rescue and the pet that has ran away click on the egg and click on rescue :)

Is Secret Builders Cool?

Yes, secret builders is a really fun game.

What are some websites like secret builders?

Secret Builders has cool games and quests! There are many websites similar to secret builders!

How do you get to Britain on your tum tum on Cordelia quest on secret builders?

where is britian in secret builders