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pull up all weeds and put at least 3 flowers in every 12 acres with maximum 16 trees ( any fruit or not fruit)

there is more: go into the town hall and talk to Pelly -- when she says: "how can i help you?" select the environment and she will say a quote about your town, if she says: "Pull up the weeds" this means your town is pretty bad -- go and pull up some weeds. keep going back. if she says: "it is okay, but plant some greenery then it will be better." this means go and plant some more fruit trees - but your town is okay, not good not bad. (shake the fruit - bearing trees and collect the fruit. Go to a place in your town, dig a hole with the shovel, select the fruit and select 'bury'. the trees don't need water, just a lot of room).

You could also plant some flowers around the town (as said above) and also plant flowers around people's houses, (they will need watering). Go back to Pelly and if she says: "Your town is perfect, no need to change anything" -- keep it like that for 16 days or so and then apparently something good will happen...?

Also talk to the people in your town and be nice to them and help them out when they ask.

the nicer your town, the more people will come and live in it (apparently up to 9 people can live in your town at one time.) the more people living in your town, the better resulting in more money for you.

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Q: How do you get a perfect town on the ds game animal crossing wild world?
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