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Hi!Pokequartz001 at your service!I have other answers to questions of which you may remember me from.Now,im gonna answer the question"How do you get a past victory road on leafgreen?"To get past victory road,you need very strong Pokemon and(Sorry but,i cant remember much about victory road.)on some floors,you need to push rocks down holes,then jump down and do the same thing until you reach the last floor.But,be aware;on the last floor,theres some tough trainers.good luck!P.S.:Pokequartz001 is just my hacking name.Im a person who hacks in other words,im a hacker.My real name is a secret.
follow a path but need strength just bring hm Pokemon

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Q: How do you get a past victory road on Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where in Pokemon LeafGreen is TM dragon claw?

victory road victory road

Where to get TM overheat in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Victory Road.

How do you get through Victory Road in Pokemon LeafGreen?

chach a rear leaf Pokemon that fly

How do you get in Pokemon league Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to get to victory road wich is west of viridian city

How can you go to the Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go through victory road with all gym badges

How do you get past the victory road in Pokemon diamond?

Victory Road is the path that leads to the Elite 4 in Pokemon Diamond version. To get past it, you need to have all the badges.

What are the elite fours Pokemon in leafgreen?

they are pass victory road to get to victory road you go to the west of viridian city then get all badges and get surf and strengenth

How do you get past victory road on leafgreen?

going throgh victory road you will need pokemon that are adleast 55 then an hm slave that knows cut rocksmash rockclimb and strength then fight all the trainers untell the end of it glad to help nick

On Pokemon LeafGreen how do you get trough Victory Road?

The easiest way is to print out a map off the internet

Where can you get TM 7 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Victory Road, Floor 2, top right corner.

Where do you find a ursaring in Pokemon LeafGreen?

look in victory road in the cave i haven't fount it yet

Where can you find a machop in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Victory Road, Mount Ember, and I think Rock Tunnel..