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1.One Way To Get Murkrow In Platinum Is GTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you get a murkrow in platinum?
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Where to get murcrow in platinum?

MurKrow cannot be found in Pokemon Platinum. To get MurKrow you need to trade with a copy of Pokemon Diamond. In Pokemon Diamond MurKrow appears in Eterna Forest and the Lost tower at nighttime.

Where do you find a murkrow in platinum?

Murkrow are rare in Platinum. I found one in Enterna Forest at night. If you can't find one, you may have to trade.

In Pokemon Platinum where is a murkrow you checked everywhere you cant find any it is 1 of your favourites?

Murkrow is not in Pokemon platinum you have to trade or trade it from your diamond version

How do you get Honchkrow in Pokemon Platinum?

Evolve from a Murkrow with a Dusk Stone.

Where can you get a murkrow in Pokemon platinum?

cheat or trade from D/P

What trainer has a murkrow in platinum?

You might need to see a Murkrow in Pokémon Platinum version in order to complete your Pokedex. Bird Keeper Autumn has one and can be found in Victory Road.

Where do you get Murrow on Pokemon platinum?

If you want a Murkrow, it is impossible to catch one on Platinum. If you want one then you will have to trade one over from Diamond or Pearl. On Diamond, you can find Murkrow in Eterna Forest and the Lost Tower (night only). On Pearl, you can find Murkrow only in Eterna Forest.

How do you obtain a murkrow in Pokemon platinum?

murkrow can only be found in Diamond version at night at the Lost Tower or in Eterna Forest so you have to trade it

Where to find a murkrow in Pokemon PLATINUM?

You can't fine it anywhere. You must trade for it.

What level does markrow evolve in platinum?

murkrow evolves not by level but by a dusk stone

In the game Pokémon platinum were can you get Pokémon murkowin Pokémon platinum?

Murkrow? If that's what you're talking about you can find it in Eterna forest at night. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Murkrow is ONLY available in Pokemon diamond & Midreavus is ONLY available in Pokemon pearl you can trade it to Pokemon platinum & also glameow & stunky is not available & not catchable in Pokemon platinum -PokeHelpThatsMe

Where do you find murkrow on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant find it in platinum. Trade it from diamond or from a generation III game via pal park.