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The liquid nitrogen gun can be obtained by upgrading the lava gun in the "up your arsenal" feature of the game. The liquid nitrogen gun is considered one of the super weapons of ratchet.

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Q: How do you get a liquid nitrogen gun in ratchet and clank?
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What weapon do use to destroy the blarg ships in ratchet and clank?

Visibomb gun or the Devastator

Can a water gun shoot liquid nitrogen?

No, a water gun is not designed to handle or shoot liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and can cause serious injury if not handled properly. It is not safe to try to shoot liquid nitrogen from a water gun.

How do you get the ryno 4 in ratchet and clank?

In ratchet and clank 1 is in blackwater city. in ratchet and clank 2 it's in the only gadgetron vendor, on Barlow. in ratchet and clank 3 it is in all the vendors after you beat the game. In ratchet and clank 4 there is the harbinger, which becomes unlocked near the end of the game. In ratchet and clank size matters and secret agent clank it is in all the vendors after you beat the game. In ratchet and clank tools of destruction u have to collect all of the holoplans and bring them to the smuggler.

What weapons are there on ratchet and clank size matters?

These are the weapons for ratchet and clank size matters: Lacerator, Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, Agents of Doom, Scorcher, Bee Mine Glove, Suck Cannon, Sniper mine, Shock Rocket, Mootator, Static Barrier, Laser Tracer, and RYNO.

Can you refill a liquid nitrogen gun?

Yes, you can refill a liquid nitrogen gun by connecting it to a liquid nitrogen dewar or cryogenic tank using the appropriate filling hose or adapter. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when refilling the gun to avoid any accidents or injuries.

How do you get the last gun in ratchet and clank up your arsenal?

If your referring to the RY3NO (Ryno 3/Rynocircator) you must beat the game, and enter challenge mode, to be able to buy it.

Give you info on the zodiac gun in Ratchet and Clank 2?

I personaly don´t like 1 only 4 ammo 2 weak against bosses

What are the weapons in ratchet and clank size matters?

Rhino,Dual Lacerators,Shock rocket,Suck Cannon,concussion gun,static barrier,mootator,and now i forget the rest.

How do you get a rhino on ratchet and clank dead locked?

There is no RYNO in Deadlocked. The "big gun" is the Harbringer. With one click of the trigger, you bring down a rain of commets on your enemies! It costs 2,000,000 bolts!

Is there a toy combuster from ratchet and clank?

Not that I know of, i'm looking out for one. But some websites have on how to make models of them, so you give that a go. Or, for one that shoots, get a nurf gun and paint it like the combustor.

Where do you get the rhino in ratchet and clank going commando?

i think that it's on the fourth or fifth planet a gun seller will say hes got a very powerful weapon for 999,999 bolts it's the rhino

How do you you get a weapon a level ninety-nine on ratchet and clank deadlocked?

use the gun with an EXP mod and a shock mod in the chalenge with the base protection in the battledome and use a quasar turret with shock mod too.