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If you are a rock star you get a limo.

If you want to get it by cheating, type in your cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c) 'testingCheatsenabled true', then shift+click on the mailbox and select the option set career path, and then you can choose from all the jobs in The Sims 3 including rock star, and then you can get a limo.

Also, in The Sims 3 Late Night, if you have a high enough celebrity level you will be driven around in a limo too.


I KNOW HOW TO OWN YOUR OWN LIMO!! i have one!! it sits in my garage and everything i can even edit the color!! first go to and go to exchange then click "lots" type limo in the "keywords" section and it will pop up lots of houses. i picked the one that said "modern home with limo" heres a link

then download it to your game! then move your family into that home (dont worry you can keep your old house) then move the limo into your family invetory! move back into your old home and its still there!!!!!! wallaa!!!! your OWN limo!!!!!!!!! :D hope i helped! :D

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Q: How do you get a limo in The Sims 3?
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How do you get a limo on the sims 3?

You have to unlock the limo in order to get it. You can achieve goals, or earn life time happiness. Although there might be a cheat.

Is there a cheat to get a limo on the sims 3?


How do you use the downloaded limo on The Sims 3?

If you downloaded it from mod the sims or sims 2 it should be in your catalog you may also need a driveway as well. (:

How do you get limos on sims 3?

I think you have to reach level 10 in the music career (rock branch). Then if you are a boy you get a black limo and if you are a girl you get a pink limo.

How can you get a limozene on the sims 3?

You can get a LIMO by being a mayor or by having 4 to 5 stars as a celebrity.

How do you get limosines in sims 3?

criminal career, business career and a few others gives you limo carpool

How do you get limo on sims 2?

Have your Sims get married (must be adult boy+girl, unless you have teenager cheat) and a limo will come to pick them up for their wedding.

How do you get a limo on the sims 3 late night as a 5 or 4 star celebrity?

For five star I know it's suppose to have a limo that takes you everywhere but I have a sim at four star and he got an opportunity to be in a movie and the limo drove him to that

When my sims get married and the limo comes only one of the sims gets in. why does it do this and is there any way of stopping this?

The limo will replace the sim's active car if their career is:MUSICBUSINESSPOLITICALat the highest rank.To stop using the limo, find another career.

Can you be a celebrity on sims 3 without late night?

You can be have a limo and you can be a rock star but no you cannot be a celebrity without late night.

On sims 2 pets how do you get to go in a limo to your job?

keep getting promotions on a job that picks you up by a limo

What do you type in at the sims 3 store to find a limo?

Limos can only be found if you are in a high level of career (LEVEL 10 FOR EXAMPLE) like in business career you will get a black limo, and in music career you get a limo like a H3 some thing like that, but I you won't get a limo from the store.Hope I Helped, Take Care!!!