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get a super rod in mossdeep then fish anywher a lot and u should get one in 2-5 mins cause i fishined a level 43 in 4 mins

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Q: How do you get a level 39 Wailmer in Pokemon emerald?
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What is the easiest way to evolve wailmer in Pokemon sapphfire?

put it in the day care centre with a other Pokemon to check its level until it gets up to level 39 then train it up to level 40

Where do you catch a wailmer level 30-39?

At You go to the subscribe section and click it.

What level does slugma evolve Pokemon ruby?

Level 39

What level does foogus evolve on pokemon white?

Foongus evolves at level 39.

The Pokemon seel evolves at level 39.?

Level 34 in PLATINUM

What level does wingull evolve in Diamond?

Wailmer can evolve at different levels around 39-42 my Wailmer is still 40, so just get another one if you need a level 40 Wailord for the Regi Trio. :). Use Surf and Super Rod in Slateport City, Dewford Townor Routes 105-110, 155, 121 or 123 you'll get Wailmer 92.3% of the time.Good Luck! :)

How do you get a level 39 wailmer?

route 129 u gonna have to hope n pray u find him fast cause it's gonna be a long wait

What level does foongus evolve in Pokemon white?

Foongus evolves at level 39 :]

What level are Clairs Pokemon in Pokemon soulsilver?

Gyarados: LV 38 Dragonair: LV 39 Dragonair:LV 39 Kingdra: LV42

What level does a tynamo evolve at in Pokemon black?

Tynamo evolves at level 39 into Eelektrik.

What level does tynamo evolve in Pokemon black?

Tynamo evolves into Eelektrik at Level 39.

Where to level Pokemon in ruby?

there is no place where you can level your Pokemon there is only one way battle leaders , champions , trainers and friends that's how you can level your Pokemon. However, the reporters' featured within the game do appear more than once, if you can find them then that will enable you to battle them as many times as you would like. The maximum level Pokemon they get is a level 39 Explousion and a level 39 Magneton.