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catch a magikarp and evolve it

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Q: How do you get a gyrados in Pokemon Emerald?
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Can Gyrados use fly in Pokemon Emerald?


How do you catch a red gyrados in Pokemon Emerald?

Red Tsunami (Gyrados) is not in Pokemon Emerald, however, there is a 1:5167 chance that if you see a "Tsunami" (Gyrados) it will be coloured, and a 1:498237 chance that if you see a "Tsunami" (Gyrados) it will be red!AnswerI don't know whats with these odds, but there is actually a 1 in 8635 of it being a differant Pokemon color. Such as red, green, ect; These differant color Pokemon are called SHINY Pokemon. They fetch high prices on trades.

What are the champion's Pokemon in emerald?

Wailord Ludicolo Milotic Gyrados Whiscash Tentacruel, there all about 55-60lvl

How do you get the shiny gyrados in Pokemon emerald?

That is complicated. First, find a shiny Magikarp. You have to battle 8312 to find one, but it is worth it. Then evolve the Magikarp into Gyarados.

How do you get red gyardos in Pokemon platinum?

Actually there is no red Gyrados. I mean there is, but a red Gyrados is a shiny Gyrados.

Is swampert breloom camerupt salamence lanturn and gyrados a good team for Pokemon emerald?

indeed it is ;) you have a very nice team there. erin,11 yrs old

Ho w do you get a shiny red gyrados in Pokemon pearl?

In emerald any other game you go fish in the ocean. use your super rod and keep killing fish. but ever time you fish in a spot you move. i did this in emerald. where the 8th gym is and i caught a golden magickarp. this evolved into the shiny red gyrados. :) no you have to have a action replay code for shiny permanent and the Pokemon modifier to get it that is how i got mine

Where is the red gyrados in Pokemon diamond?

The red Gyrados is found in the Sendoff lake at the Spring Path.

Where to catch gyrados?

In the sinnoh region you can find a Gyrados almost anywhere. In Emerald the only 100% is Fishing w/ Super Rod in Sootopilos City.

How do you get a red gyrados in Pokemon?

it is in sendoff lake

What type of Pokemon is gyrados?

water and flying

Where do you get gayrados in Pokemon indigo online?

go to Pokemon locator and search for magikarp. most likely there will be no gyrados, so you would have to make it evolve into a gyrados.