How do you get a gun on roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For just 1 Roblox game, you have to use a free model or have some decent scripting skills.

For just games that allow gears, you can buy on at the catalog but most cost lots of ROBUX.

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Q: How do you get a gun on roblox?
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How do you shoot a paintball gun in Roblox?

To shoot a paintball gun in Roblox, simply point to where you want to shoot at and click the left button of your mouse or trackpad.

How do you aim through a gun in roblox?

Depends on what kind of scripts the gun has. Every gun on ROBLOX is unique because players make their own gun they can make you aim through it if they want

How do you get a five shooter paintball gun at roblox?

you have to get to rank 15

How do you shoot a paintball gun on roblox?

I don't know either

How do you type on Roblox zombie defence to buy weapons?

buy (gun here) e.g. buy ray gun

How do you kill people on Roblox?

you need weapons and then shoot/hit them with your gun/sword

What to press to shoot on roblox?

It will depend on what kind of gun you are using but for most popular games on Roblox you press the left button of your mouse or trackpad to shoot.

How is Roblox the same or different from Minecraft?

In roblox you can do a hell of a lot more e.g play sports and have gun fights but minecraft has better graphics and you can play singleplayer

How do you switch guns in paintball mega on roblox?

You have to press P then when you die then gun you picked is used.

Roblox: How do you script a block to where if you click it a different block will disapear?

click and move it with gravity gun

How do you hurt people on roblox?

With cool roblox guns like m24 sniper,m1 carbine,etc. also with a sword and other weapons. You have to click when you have a gun to shoot or melee.

Where is the Portal gun on Bloxcity on ROBLOX?

It does not exist. It is just a lie to get people to play the game. The owner should get reported for it, but people are too busy searching for this gun.