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you have to win a certain race to get on, not win or dominate any race day..... theres the 3rd G-Force race. once u dominated the race u have to chose the last token if it pops up after the race.

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Q: How do you get a free car marker on NFS ProStreet?
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What marker is a free car marker in nfs prostreet?

the one's that say Free Car Marker and have a picture of a car on them.

How do you get a free car marker in nfs prostreet?

you win them after you win and or dominate a race day event

What is the best drifting car in nfs prostreet?

the best drifting car is the drift kings car.

How do you customise cars in nfs prostreet?

if you want to modify your car on Need For Speed Prostreet you go to your garage select the car you want to customise create a new blueprint or select a already made one and select customise blueprint.Or if you DONT have a car go back to the career menu and then go to car lot and select a car for your type of race day(you can change race mode at any time)

Is race driver GRiD like NFS ProStreet that you have to pay your car damage after each race?

ive never played driver GRiD but if u crash a car or total u have to pay or u can use markers that u can buy or u can use cheats. but it depends on how much u damage the car u could do 51k of damage to the car (say a viper) u hav to pay that amount or use 1 marker

What nfs prostreet car is better evo 10 or skyline?

the skyline is better because it accels faster and handles better so i prefer it over the evo anyday. i think the evo is overreated 2

Is it true that nfs underground is different from nfs underground 2?

Nfs underground rival is like nfs most wanted

How do you get out of the car in NFS hot pursuit in cop free-drive?

Sorry no can do, getting out of your can is impossible!

How do you do a whelie on need for speed prostreet?

You need a car with a Rear wheel drive.

What is the best car on nfs prostreet?

probably the best car on nfs pro street is either the Zonda f or Lamborghini Murcielago drift best car:Mazda rx-7, speed best car:Nissan skyline r34 ,lambo murclargo lp640 best grip car:Nissan GT-R or Zonda f, evo best drag car:Dodge Camero SS best all rounder:Zonda f, Lambo murcielago, Ford GT and possibly the Subaru Impreza STI WRX

What car accelerates faster in nfs prostreet new evo or skyline?

the skyline is slower by .01 seconds for 60 but 1.7 seconds faster for 100 so skyline is alot faster SKyline 0-60 3.1 0-100 4.2 evo 0-60 3.0 0-100 5.9

You can see this car in NFS in red colour?