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the only way to get eyeball cabbage is to fight with plant bosses or to win plant mini-game.

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Q: How do you get a eyeball cabbage on patapon?
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How do you get the flying bird on patapon 2?

You can unlock the toripons (bird riders) by evolving a yaripon into a sabara rarepon. You can then use a sloppy alloy, an eyeball cabbage and a small amount of ka-ching tomake a toripon.

Do you have the game patapon?

Yes! I have Patapon and Patapon 2 Full Versions!

What is better Patapon or patapon 2?

Patapon 2 is WAY better!

What is that weird green patapon on the cover of patapon 2?

That it a hero mask on the hero patapon.

When did Patapon happen?

Patapon happened in 2007.

Is there a game called Patapon?

Yes, has players guiding a tribal army of eyeball-shaped creatures across the screen solely by rhythmic button tapping. By alternating six drumbeats with the four-button controls, players can command their wee warriors to attack, march, defend, retreat, use magic, and power up. The goal is to defeat the devious Zigoton army, who ousted the tribe from their homes.

When does patapon 1 come out?

Patapon 1 and 2 are already out.

When was Patapon created?

Patapon was created on 2007-12-20.

How do you download patapon 2?

Visit then search for patapon 2, this is how the file will look like Patapon 2 (USA) ------------------- | | | Pic of | | Patapon 2 | | | ------------------- Click on the name, then it will start downloading

When is patapon 3 coming out?

Patapon 3 came out on November 1st.

When is patapon 2 in stores?

Patapon 2 is in stores in may 05, 2009

Is there going to e a patapon 4?

yes. Because every patapon has one story.patapon 2 and 3 was cobined together but patapon 1 was only one so it didn't cobine.There is a 98% that there will be patapon 4 and also 5.