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It is in the middle cave of Mt.Mortar, it takes surf and waterfall to eventually get to it

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Q: How do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon gold version?
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What gym is Clair in in Pokemon gold version?

Blackthorn Gym she leads with Dragon Pokemon.

Does seadra evolve into Kingdra in Pokemon gold?

Yes, by trading a Seadra equipped with a dragon scale.

How do you find a dragon air in gold version of Pokemon on gameboy?

you have to go to the game corner and win it

How can you find dragonair in Pokemon gold version?

You have a tiny chance to find one in Dragon's Lair.

How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

Where do you find a dragon scale in Pokemon gold?

You can only get the Dragon Scale by defeating the red Gyrados in Lake of Rage north of Mahogany Town. You can trade this to Mr.Pokemon north of Cherrygrove City for an EXP. SHARE, which is incredibly useful. A good bargain, as the Dragon Scale has no other purpose in the game.

Where to get Kingdra in Pokemon Silver and gold?

To get Kingdra, trade a seadra while it is holding a dragon scale. I don't think you can catch it wild.

What is Pokemon solid gold?

well it is a remake of Pokemon gold version there is also a Pokemon pure silver version

What is Pokemon Lugias ocean version?

A fake version of Pokemon gold

Where can you get Pokemon Gold version GBA?

There is no GBA version of Gold Version, but there will be a DS version in March in the US.

What level does horsea evolve at in Pokemon heart gold?

It evolves from Horsea starting at level 32, and evolves into Kingdra when traded holding a Dragon Scale.

Where get dragon scale in Pokemon Gold?

find a: Horsea, 1.5% Seadra, 1.5% Kingdra, 1.5% Dratni, 1.5% Draginair, 1,5% Dragonite, 1.5% The percents are your chance of getting a dragon scale =] but you can also get it in a cave (middle of mt.mortar) hope this help!!!!:) =)