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Catching wild Pokemon like Seadra, and other pseudo-dragon types.

WRONG! You need dive, surf, etc. When you can, find the old ship near slateport, i think. Find the dive spot somewhere, get the Scanner thing. Deliver it to the captain in slateport, who as a reward will give you a choice of a scale or the tooth, i think. I'm 99.9999% sure this is how it goes. I may be wrong about the ship I'm saying, but it IS a ship!

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Q: How do you get a deep sea scale on Pokemon sapphire?
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Where can you get a deep sea scale in Pokemon sapphire version?

You get it when you find the scanner on the abandoned ship and he will trade you a deep sea scale or a deep sea tooth the scale evolves clampearl or seadra into kingdra or gorebis via trade and the tooth evolves clampearl into huntail

Can you trade Pokémon's sapphire to sapphire?

yo could but why would you need to unless you evolving certain Pokemon like Kadabra to Allakazam or gravalar to golem or clamperlto Huntail or Gorebyss depending on if its holding a deep sea tooth or a deep sea scale

What is better deep sea tooth or deep sea scale in Pokemon ruby?

When you trade Clamperl with the deep sea scale you get Gorebyss with the deep sea tooth you get Huntail.

How do you get a deep sea scale and a deep sea tooth in Pokemon black and white?

You can find the Deep Sea Scale and the Deep Sea Tooth on Routes 13 and 17.

What does the deep sea scale do in Pokemon sapphire?

give to hold and then pkmn trade to make clamperl evolve into a gorebyss.

When does clamperl evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

Well, the clamperl can either evovle to a gorebyss or a huntail. To evovle both of them, you have to get deep sea scale and deep sea tooth. Put one deep sea tooth in one clamperl and the deep sea scale in the other clamperl. Trade both to your friend who has Pokemon pearl or diamond. Make sure to remember to NOT click B or it won't evolve. Then trade back. You should get the gorebyss and huntail. If you don't, it's ur problem.Good luck! I got the deep sea scale and the deep sea tooth from action replay.

What does a deep tooth and a deep scale do in Pokemon emerald?

The Deep Sea Tooth and the Deep Sea Scale are both used to evolve Clamperl into either a) Huntail or b) Gorebyss. - Badminton

How do you get ralcanth in Pokemon Sapphire?

use dive go in the deep sea grass he will be in the grass

How do you get a huntail on Pokemon Sapphire?

First you get a Clamperl, and give it a Deep Sea Tooth. Then trade it, and it will evolve.

Where do you find the sea floor cavern in Pokemon sapphire?

It is under the deep sea near the the enterance of Route 130/129

How do you evolve Clamperl in Pokemon Ruby?

To evolve it, you have to give it a Deep Sea Tooth (Huntail) or a Deep Sea Scale (Gorebyss) and trade it.

How do you get a deepseascale on Pokemon emerald?

You can get a choice between a DEEP SEA SCALE or a DEEP SEA TOOTH from Cap. Stern after the Scanner event.Wild Pokemon sometimes carry them too (rare) (NOTE: ONLY IN DIAMOND AND PEARL.)Deep Sea Scale : Clamperl, Chinchou, Relicanth.Deep Sea Tooth : Carvanha, Sharpedo.