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On 'Sims 3' in the bottom right hand corner there are 3 different modes:

Live mode

Buy mode

Build mode

You click on the 'Buy' mode and then there are 3 more options:

Sort by room

Sort by category

Family inventory

You click on 'Sort by room', then you click on 'outdoors' which is the last tab, and click on the picture of the car, there in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Then you will see the options of cars.

Choose one and place it in a parking spot.

Now you have bought a car!

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Q: How do you get a car on 'The Sims 3'?
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What is the collector edition of Sims 3?

Sims 3 CD with a keychain and a downloadable car for your sims 3

On The Sims 3 how many sims can fit into one car?

Five sims can fit into one car, but if you look into the car from any angle in may only show four sims (including the driver). But it will say all five sims are in the car.

Can sims ride cars in Sims 3?

yes you can ride in a taxi or a car you can buy a car in buy mode

How do you get every car in sims 3?

You can't.

What does the sims 3 have that the sims 2 does not have?

Because the Sims 3 is more careers and life time wishes.The Sims 3 also has better choices in furnishings,wall types,floorings,and vehicles.Also,the sims 2 makes you place your car on the driveway(without cheats),but the sims 3 has a parking spot that you can place any where on the lot and place your car on it.

Can you drive in Sims 3?

You can tell them where to go, and they automatically get into their car and go there. BUT, no you cannot control the vehicles in the Sims 3

Can you have a car on sims 3 towns life?


Can cars for The Sims 2 be used in The Sims 3?

Sims 2 is a completely different game than sims 3, so you can't get cars from sims 2 onto sims 3. You can try to maybe go on the sims 3 website and install a car that looks like one from sims 2 maybe....

Can you drive a car with a keyboard on sims 3?

no...the game drives the car for u

Can you drive a car on any Sims game?

not yet but it will become able in the newcoming sims 3

What version of Sims 3 has cars?

All of them but, Sims 3:The Fast Lane focuses on the whOle car/garage theme . -Ashley

How do you stop your carpool on Sims 3?

For now, you can't. Unlike The Sims 2 owning a car does not stop the carpool.