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go to goldenrod citys bike shop

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Q: How do you get a bike in heart gold?
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How can you tell if a Pokemon likes you in heart gold?

in goldenrod city, a house between the flowershop and the bike shop. there is a house with a girl who tells you.

How do you unlock the gold bike in bike race?


How do you use heart of gold in a sentence?

He is benevolent with a heart of gold. - She is beautiful and she has a heart of gold.

Is there a built-in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike?

Yes there is a built in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike.

Is heart of stone was a heart of gold a simile?

A heart of gold itself is an expression relating to someone kind. "They have a heart of gold".

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

Does this exercise bike have a built-in heart rate monitor?

Yes, this fitness bike will track your heart rate. This does have a built in heart rate monitor as well as a Time and speed plus distance electronic meter. No, it does not have a built in heart rate monitor. Yes there is a built in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike.

What city does bills dad live in on Pokemon heart gold?

Bill's relatives live in Goldenrod City, and if I recall correctly they live on eastern side on the path to the bike shop.

Can your Pokemon egg hatch while your on a bicycle in heart gold and soul silver?

it will hatch. I always go on my bike and go down the cycling road when I want to hatch an egg.

Does speed effect heart rate on bike?

If by bike you mean bicycle then: Yes if you increase your speed or the intensity for that matter then your heart rate will also increase.

How much are gold bike chains?

I dont know, why don't you just get one so I can steal it and pawn it. Who is dumb enough to get a gold chain for their bike anyways?

What will happen if you do not have the suspension at the bottom of your dirt bike when you jump?

you will crash and heart your self and demige your bike