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catch laparas in union cave and have it first in your party thengo to almost to the top of mt.silver and wait for one to come. (they are met at levels 10-15)

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Q: How do you get a bagon in pokemon heartgold?
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How do you cach a bagon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch it in the Safari Zone.

How do you catch bagon in Pokemon heartgold?

You can catch bagon in the safari zone look everyday and you should find it

Where do you catch bagon in Pokemon HeartGold? just place objects in safari zone

Where can you catch bagon in pokemon heartgold?

You can catch bagon in the safari zone. Go into the swamp zone and place 9 forest objects and 19 peak objects and wait 110 days and then you can catch bagon.

Where is dratitni in diamond?

cant it has to be traded from a hacker/cheater or Pokemon heartgold (not soulsilver unless you want a bagon)

How do you get bagon in Pokemon HeartGold version?

Either trade from a differnt game or cheats. Only way(s).

What Pokemon is the hardest to a evolve on HeartGold?

Here are a few Pokemon that take awhile to evolve: Larvitar, Dratini, Wailmer, Beldum, Bagon.

Is shelgon a rare Pokemon?

Not really. Bagon is a slightly uncommon Pokemon to find in the wild (similar to Larvitar), and Shelgon just evolves from Bagon. Its not that hard to get. Shelgon is only rare in the Safari Zone of HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Why can't i find bagon?

IN what pokemon game?if it is pokemon soulsilver or pokemon heartgold you have to wait until 110 days.if it is pearl and diamond virsion you have to get the national dex

Can you catch a salamance or Bagon in Pokemon Heartgold?

Bagon, you can catch in the safari zone by using 9 small rocks and 19 forest items in the swamp, but Salamence, I don't think so...

Pokemon HeartGold how to get bagon?

You can find it in the safari zone in blocks and other requirements in parenthesis but only when you have got the national Dex

Where can you find bagon in HeartGold?

safari zone