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Make the couple relax on a double bed, then click on the one you are not playing as (at that moment) and select WOOHOO (for no baby) or TRY FOR BABY (to attempt to have a baby).

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Q: How do you get a baby in sims three ambitions?
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On the sims 3 ipod touch can you have a baby?

No only on sims three ambitions for the ipod touch

Can you have a baby on sims 3 iPod touch?

Yes you can when your married you can either try for a baby or adopt a baby.

How do you get the baby out of me on Sims 3 ambitions?

You have to wait three sim days and either have the baby there or at the hospital.

How old does the baby get in sims 3 ambitions?

I think it's three days?

Can your sim have a baby on Sims 3 iPod touch?

No. But you can have baby's on Sims 3 ambitions.

Can you have a baby on the Sims 3 for a ipod?

only on sims 3 ambitions.

Can you have a baby on sims iPod app?

only on sims 3 ambitions

Can you have a girl baby on Sims 3 ambitions?

yes u can have a girl baby on sims 3 ambitions because every sim CD i have,u can have babies

Sims 3 ambitions iPod?

You can play the sims three on the iPod/iPhone/iPad.

When will your sims baby be born in sims 3 ambitions?

Around about 2 days after you have had it.

Can you have a baby on sims iPad app?

Only on ambitions

How do you have a second baby on sims ambitions for iPhone?

You can't