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1.get a sneasel to lv 47

2.put a razor claw on it

3.level it up at night and teach it ice shard

4.when it evolves it will learn dark pulse

hope this helped

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Q: How do you get a Weavile with ice shard and dark pulse?
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What type of Pokemon is weavile?

Weavile is an Ice/Dark type. !

What is the best ice Pokemon?

weavile because it is dark/ice

What is the national pokedex number for Weavile?

Weavile is #461 in the national pokedex, and it is a Dark-Ice type Pokemon.

Does Dark Pulse Ice Beam Water Shuriken work together?

The Dark Pulse, Ice Beam, and Water Shuriken do not work together because of the different interests.

Is this a good battle tower team for wifi?

weavile-ice punch, ice shard/pursuit, brick break, night slash latios- luster purge/pyscic, surf, Draco metoer, recover tyranitar- blizzard, stone edge, eq, thunder

What level does Sneasel evolve into Weavile?

It can't evolve by level, but it can evolve while holding the item Razor Claw at night. It can only evolve in 4th generation games and above. (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG, SS, etc.)

What Pokemon knows ice punch?

snover weavile i thinks...

What level does Weavile learn Ice Punch?

you have to breed a male hitmonchan/medicham that knows ice punch. breed it with a female buneary (it should know ice punch). the buneary has to breeded with a female sneasel/weavile. a sneasel will hatch from the egg. it will know ice punch.

How do you teach pursuit and ice punch to weavile at the same time?

You Need A Male Smeargle To Use Sketch On A Pokemon That Uses Pursuit And Then Use Sketch On Another Pokemon That Uses Ice Punch. When You have Done That Breed The Smeargle With a Female Weavile/Sneasel And Wa La You Have A Weavile That Knows Ice Punch And Pursuit But You Need The National Dex To Catch Smeargle Without It You Cant Make Weavile Learn Them 2 Moves Because It Impossible

I Have a Platinum frontier team consisting of Gyarados Garchomp which is more beneficial for my third Pokemon Gallade Or Weavile?

Gallade is. Garchomp and Gallade can learn Dark Type moves, and Gyrados can learn Ice.

How do you say ice shard in Japanese?

Kōri no hahen

How can your Weavile learn Ice Punch?

The way a Weavile can learn Ice Punch is probably if you teach it. Ice Punch isn't a TM so you have to go to Pastoria City and talk to the Move Teacher guy. You have to give him a heart scale in return( you can find heart scales underground).